16 July 2017

Sunday night

Another boring Sunday.
The weather is killing me.
I felt dizzy after coming back from lunch outside just now.
Don't feel like doing anything
Just lay on bed to make myself feel better.

Having really serious Monday blue symptoms 
😭😭 even during Sunday night, 
I can feel the blue already.

Just a quick update anyway.
Nice meet up with ex colleague yesterday.

She is my best companion when she was still in the same company as me.

But she left 2 months ago.
She has her own direction.
She knows what she wants.
That's why she leave for better.
And she is really turning better person now.
I'm glad that she is happier now.
😊 good luck to us. 

We understand each other a lot eventhough we just knew each other for a year 
But she told me her problems and I told her mine.
She motivates me, encourage me, support me.

She wants me think about myself but not just think about others.

Do what I feel like doing. 

But I hope that I have the courage she has.
Unfortunately I can't. 
I can't be brave like her.
That's why I admire her.

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