31 December 2017


Hi bloggie
Out of sudden feel like blogging my 2017
I'm thankful for everyone appears in my life
Somehow 2 colleagues left the company this year
And I know people come and leave even if you don't realise.
 It's decision making time for us to choose.
Either you stay forever in your comfort zone doing the routine job or you take a first step and step forward to go out from your comfort zone to try something new or fresh.
And when you made decision, there is no turning back, you must keep telling yourself,
Even if the situation, the decision you made is not right, you must make things right, because there is no turning back and that is your decision.
You can't regret what you choose, you can't regret the decision you made.
You can just fix it and make it right.
So I'm really happy they step out of comfort zone to face the uncertainty.
Maybe it will be my turn in 2018?
Step out of comfort zone and move forward to something fresh.

Ok so maybe my new year resolution?


My 2017 has gone through quite peacefully
No big events occur around me.

Except for April 2017, grandpa went for surgery to remove the gallbladder stone. We were worried about him that time because of his age. Luckily everything is fine now *finger crossed* 

Oh,ya! That's another big event occurred
Someone once told me body will starts to Change after 25 years old.
And now it's my turn who experience it and this statement is real true
I used to have big pIration food andans maintain my weight but now if I have big portion of food, weight increases
I realise my immune system, digestive system and metabolism rate slow down significantly.
Earlier this month, I had fever and as usual I went for doctor and consume medicines and expect to recover the next day but ended up having fever for the three continuous days.
And after recovered, my face look so pale and I loss my appetite for the next two weeks.
Everything drops after 25 years old,
I feel tired after 12am and I couldn't stay up late Like I used to be.

Finally I believed. And few more hours, I'll be entering late 20s
Omg I'm turning 26 years old

And I know after today, 2017 will become memory for all.
Time passed but memories will stay.
I hope everyone I care will have a blessed year ahead.
Happy New Year 🎉🎊🎈🎆

16 September 2015

Life after graduated

Hi. Bloggie.
It's few months since My last post.
And I'm graduated like finally!
Where should I start from?
Ok, how about June? 
Hmm.  I had a graduation trip with few of my beloved uni coursemates on June- A 9 days trips to Taiwan. (14th til 23rd June)
We went to 台北 -> 垦丁 -> 台东 -> 花莲 -> 台北
The most memorable moments are at 垦丁
I never expect such a clean ocean and beach from Taiwan before and when I was there, I was totally amazed by them. There is quite a few number of great beaches. They are Great diving and shooting spot too. And at night,  the driver brought us to a place named "龙磐" or something. The place is Superb 👍. We can like see the whole galaxy there. Imagine laying down on grass, and with strong wind around, meanwhile, facing the sky with plenty of stars and even few meteors. Oohhh. The feeling is like "Now I can die peacefully!"

Ok. So far that's what I wanted to write about June.
So moving on to July

Ok, that's one big event that happened on 25 July 2015 - My graduation ceremony!!
Hehe. That means I'm finally officially graduated and got my certificate.
I'm so not me that day. Put on heels and some foundation on my face, even lip gloss.
Only Kc and sis Meng Hui went in to participate the ceremony. Because crazy uni wanted us to pay rm150 per pax for entering to the hall. So I only bought 2 tickets and my parent dint attend because they wanted to work on that day since it was a Saturday. Hmm. Super nervous when we were lining up at the side of stage. And when the moment when my name was called. The whole brain blank and what I thinking at the moment is "CHX, Please walk faster but steady. Don't fall down! U're wearing heels." Hahahaha. Sounds stupid but the moment is scarier than the first exam and even last exam in my life.
But then luckily end up, I'm quite good with heels, nothing happens! Hahaha.
Ok. And for July, it was like a mini tour around West Malaysia. Because my cousin from UK came back by herself. And Kc was free the entire month. So We went to few places including Malacca, Cameron Highland, Pahang National Park, Langkawi, and Penang.

Moving on to August

Hmm.  But I can't think of any big event that happened in August.
Maybe nothing special?
I just slacking at home. And hope that can find a job quickly?!
And then suddenly, my mum came out with an idea- To help in her friend's daughter Tuition centre as a part time teacher.
Hahaha. So end up I'm gonna spend my whole September with kids.
Weekday 1:30pm til 7pm and tuition at night 8pm til 10pm (3 days a week)
Sat 1pm til 6pm
Haha. But It only last for a month. Next month. I'm going to start my proper actual new job.
Maybe start working in engineering field? But I'm not too sure whether I'm considered as an engineer or normal clerk.

Hmm. That's all dear Bloggie.

26 May 2015

23rd Birthday Celebrations

Hi, Bloggie.
Time flies.
I was saying that I will be really busy ahead few months ago.
And now guess what?
I'm graduated. Unofficially
Waiting for convocation of coz
Then I'll be officially graduate.
Oh ya.
I'm a bit fear and scare of the future since I'm scare of the changes that will happen on me.
I still have many uncertainties and doubts about my future.
What am I suppose to do in future?
What job do I interested?
Can I get a good job?
Can I handle it?
Am I really good in start working?
But definitely I'll start working but not further study.
Since its time for me to repay and return my parents.
But I hope I could really get a job that I like. *God bless me*
Hmm. Ya. I'm out of the topic again as usual!
Not too moody and emo for job and future.
Things will get better!
Truth urself cheang hui xsin!
Ok. My 23rd birthday celebrations :D
Had the first celebration with my uni friend, just a week before my birthday, at Morganfield IOI city mall,
Maybe is the last time to have my birthday celebration with me.
Since most of us are based on different places. Some of them from penang, Johor, kelantan, nearest also klang, bukit jalil and kajang.
So ya. I appreciate the time they made to celebrate with me. And the dinner treat 
Thank you so much.
And then the 2nd celebration is with kc.
On my birthday eve at Grand Hyatt thirty8
The food and ambient is really good!
I miss the signature cake much 😋
When can I have it again?
But I think it will be once or maybe twice in a lifetime experience as those high class places are really not so my type.
Not really comfortable with wearing dress and dining in high class places.
But I really like the ambient.
Such a love hate relationship huh?
And yeah,
My actual day of birthday celebration dedicated to my beloved family.
We had this Korean BBQ at Scott garden.
The food at first is ok.
But after u getting full. The pork will get quite heavy and it will be hard for u to  finish them off.
But their soup Is good.
I likey it.
A bit like Kim chi soup 😋
I once had a Kim chi soup that is real nice and until today I still craving for that.  But I can't remember where I had it. Hmm. This feeling is quite irritating.
U want to have some cravings fixed but u forgot where u actually had them before.
But never mind,  this soup is quite near to the taste.
;) so I take it as a yes!
And the 4th celebration is the day after my birthday,
With my beloved crazy buddies
The girls' group.
We had our dinner at an istalian restaurant at PJ  named enorme I guess.
If I'm not mistaken.
Haha. The food is quite good. Especially the pizza. We tried out the carbonara pizza becoz we think that will be special as what we known, carbonara is always described in pasta. But not pizza.
And as expected. The carbonara pizza is real special!
And it is nice! *thumb up*
Always got nagged the next day after going out with this crazy ladies, because we will have few rounds before heading home.
Usually 1st round - dinner
2nd round - dessert
3rd round - drinks ( sometimes)
And 4th round - one of the girl's house to continue our gossips til 2am-3am before I head home.
This is why!
And on my birthday celebration outing. Of coz we had these 4 rounds. 
After the dinner, we rush to SS15 to have our dessert of the day, Fatbaby ice cream.
For me and my friends, the ice cream is so so only, inside scoop serves the better ice cream. And for me, the waffle is quite ok! I likey it as well. :D
And then we went to TATE, the intermark to have a drinks. :)
Is really a fun time whenever I'm with them.
My crazy ladies.
My mum asked me :" why u always so late whenever u go out with them? Do u all have so many topics to talk about everytime u meet?" And I will answer yes. We really have so many topics to talk about.
Haha. Even sometime in the house. Everyone seems tired and a moment that everyone staring at the phone. We were still enjoying the silence moment.
For me this is unreplaceable friendship.
So ya.
This post pretty sum up my 23rd Birthday  celebration.
And ya. I got few quality presents.
I feel that when one grown up,  the present he/she received will change from quantity to quality.
As when we were kids (primary or secondary school), we do received a lot of present but is just bought according to budget. Really rare for us to really think that "does she needs this?" Kind of questions. As for now. We received quality present. Not in the sense of price but in the sense of sincere.
As everyone will share and spend their time to think of what u really need in this moment and then they buy u something according to it. So I think this is quite touching and heart-warming
And I received a bag from My uni friends. A lovely light blue bag which I will bring it to my graduation trip with them ;)
And unexpectedly a Pandora bracelet from my siblings.
Really surprised me.
And it is really nice and cute and adorable.
As my style. Hahaha.
The fairytale type.
Ok. Pictures time

16 February 2015

Sorry blog

Hi. Bloggie
Sorry for abandoned u since the last few months
Was so busy on the final year.
Omg time flies
It's actually 2nd semester of my final year
I'm gonna graduate in less than half a year
I'm actually still very lazy and last minute student even now! which I said I'm gonna change these bad habits since the first or second year of my undergraduate life
But still those habits can't leave me alone
Sorry for blaming others again.
Hmm. Feel so fresh for updating a post
Becoz it's been awhile since I last update
I nearly forget about my Bloggie
Luckily I still can remember the password and logged in here again
:D teehee
Hmm. U know what?
CNY is coming in 3 days time
Taiwan trip for this cny
No lion dance show for this cny becoz we can't find any better team since the one we used to call quitted
And second reason, no maid which means no one gonna help us to clean up the place after the second day of cny.
Hmm.. but nvm.
It's still can be a good year ahead
Dear sis meng hui went to UK for 1.5 months and she actually bought me lots of souvenirs teehee. Happy me ☺☺
2 bags 1 pouch 5 shirts 1 pen from paris and 1 m&m world's bottle and Chocolates
And everyone got some pressie as well.
I like one of daddy pressie
The ducky that loves to take shower
Daddy takes shower with it everyday since the day sis gave it to him
Adorable ducky
:) :)
Gonna end here
See ya Bloggie

24 November 2014

Dad is quitting

One will only changes when some serious or unexpected incident happened.
And my dad too..
He started smoking since he was 12. And now he's 53.
Can u imagine the lungs' colour of a person with 41 years of 'smoking experience'?
And he's quitting now after seeing his own lung!
My dad had an motor accident on 3rd November, he fell down from motor and his back hit some concrete, he went to doctor and x-ray scan the next day, and the doctor said there is only a small cracks at one of his rib, so the doctor suggest him to rest for one week before start working again, But he still works because the doctor gave him some pain killers, he can still feels the pain but bearable, so after 10 days, 13 Nov,  he had chest pain and difficulty in breathing. So he went to a clinic nearby to check, and the doctor said maybe there could be some lung infection or something, so he wrote a letter for my dad and wanted him to go to hospital with this emergency case. And he went to a x-ray scan again, and the lung's x-ray shows that there were many white dots inside the lung, and that might be water or blood, and then a specialist said better to go for a CT scan before justifying anything, so after the scan, it shows that there is this blood that compressed the lung, and the right lung is 3/4 covered by blood clot, that's why he cant really breath properly. so doctor insert a tube inside to drain the blood inside. But after 2 days, the blood is still coming out in quite a significant amount, so doctor said is better to have do an operation to remove the blood clot, since the tube is not working well as the blood is inside for too long already, Some blood clogged. At first he was really scare and worry about the operation, but after operation he's better and recovering already. And he got discharged from hospital already, and he said he will quit smoking. And now it's the 11th day since he stops.
I love u daddy.

7 September 2014

Sad news 06092014

Life is really full of unknown.
The bad or the good.
We really won't know what will happen next minute, next hour, or next day.
I received a message ytd evening from my uni's friend.
Saying that one of our coursemate died in a car accident far in Alaska.
She was a really kind and pretty girl.
Since the first day I saw her few years ago.
I told my friend, she is so pretty!
And when she smiles, the charming smile really attracts people.
I was telling myself in the heart that time.
Wow, amazing girl, she must have a lot of admirer 
And after that, although we are not really close with each other.
But I can feel that she is really a friendly and talkative girl.
Everytime when she speak, the whole class could hear her.
And what I remember her the most is her pure and kind heart,
You can really see her with wings, just like an angel, she helps people a lot.
Charity, voluntary works.
U can find her in every meaningful event.
Looking at the Facebook news feed really break my heart.
She had got so many friends
Everyone is crying and still trying to face the fact!
Me too. But I don't wanna show my sadness on there.
Because it has no meaning at all writing those thing on web and hurting people once again.
I really can't accept that this incident will happen on my friend, at least at this age,
I really can't accept it.
Feel moody from ytd til now after scrolling the fb news feed.
She used to smile and says hi with me everytime we meet.
But now she is gone.
I hope she is in a peaceful place that suits her now.
God bless her and her family.
It will be a really tough time for her family.
Even we, the friends are sad.
I think that the hurt and sadness the family having is hundred or even thousand times stronger than ours.
Hope everything gonna be fine!

13 August 2014

Short holidays

Hi bloggie.
Today gonna blog about my 3 weeks holidays. Hahahaha.
Why is it 3 weeks?
Hmm.. because my aunt and cousin from England came back for holiday as well.
Simce this year I'm the most free person in family as no internship and part time for my summer break so I be the driver for them throughout the 3 weeks.
Fetching them to every shopping mall eg.Pavilion, sungai wang, times square, sunway pyramid, parkson, Aeon.
Enjoy being a driver tho. Because I get to shop a bit and movie session a bit these few weeks.
And also we get to try 'Escape Room' games for 2 times.
But we lose for both of the games.
Hahahaha.. nvm. Still fun, Process is more important than the result.
At least for me?
And also we went to Penang during the malay new year ;)
My very 1st time drive all the way to penang and come back.
I'm so proud :D but a little bit tired.
Hahahaha.. but just a little bit because my dad wanted to eat whenever he see food.
So we stop quite frequent.
And hmm.
Ya. We celebrated daddy and anson (my cousin) birthday at 21st century.
A very early pre-celebration for anson since his birthday actually falls on 7th Sept.
But still both of them got a cake.
I enjoy staying with family
And 3 weeks passed just like a blink of eyes!
Not really! Maybe few blinks of eyes!
Ok. Pic time and I stop here.
Bye ;)